Doncaster and District Heritage Association.


  1. Title

1.1       The title of the organisation shall be “Doncaster and District Heritage      Association” (hereinafter called the ‘DDHA’).


  1. Objectives

The objectives of the DDHA shall be:

2.1       To promote interest at all levels, in the study, research, recording and preservation of the heritage and history of Doncaster and surrounding districts, including local history, family history, archaeology and all other associated activities.

  • To foster education in the above fields.

2.3       The provision for communication and co-operation between member organisations, which share the above objectives.


  1. Membership

3.1       Membership of the DDHA shall, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, be open to any association or body (hereinafter called ‘member body’), whether incorporated or unincorporated, the objectives of which are compatible with those of the DDHA.

3.2       Each member body shall nominate not more than three persons (hereinafter called ‘Representatives’) to attend the General Meetings of the DDHA.  These persons shall be properly accredited members of that body and shall not be under the age of 18 years.

3.3       Each member body shall be entitled to one vote in respect of any resolution made at, or presented to, a DDHA general (i.e. non-executive) meeting.


  1. Officers

4.1       The principal officers of the DDHA shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, by the process of simple majority.  These officers shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

4.2       The newly elected Executive Committee, at its first meeting following the Annual General Meeting shall, under the initial chairing of the person occupying that office in the preceding year, appoint from that Executive Committee, a Chair for the ensuing year, who will then immediately assume the duties of that office.

4.3       The Executive Committee may invite an appropriate person to be a patron of the DDHA.

4.4       All elected officers shall retire each year but shall be eligible for re-election.

4.5       The DDHA will appoint auditors and such other persons and may fix their remuneration (if any) and conditions of appointment.


  1. Executive committee and sub-committees

5.1       The member bodies may delegate all or any of its powers to an Executive Committee.

5.2       The Executive Committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall hold office until the end of the following AGM.

5.3       In matters requiring urgent attention, decisions may be taken by the Chair, acting as far as possible in conjunction with the Vice-Chair, the Secretary and Treasurer, such action being reported to the Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity.

5.4       The Executive Committee shall have the power to:

5.4.1   Co-opt Representatives to membership of the Executive Committee in the event of iosufficient nominations for that Committee.  Such Representatives shall have full voting status on the Committee.

5.4.2   Fill any vacancy which may arise in its composition during the course of the year.

5.4.3   Co-opt additional Representatives, or observers, to membership of the Executive Committee, but in a non-voting capacity.

5.5       All co-opted Representatives on the Executive Committee shall retire at the end of the year, but shall be eligible for election for the following year.

5.6       The Executive Committee may appoint a committee of any number of Representatives for such purposes as it shall decide.  The composition, membership and terms of reference of such a committee shall be determined by the Executive Committee, and the committee shall be reappointed annually.

5.7       The Chair and Secretary of the DDHA shall be ex officio members of any appointed committee.  They shall receive notifications, agendas and minutes of all such meetings, and shall be entitled to attend if they so desire.

5.8       Any appointed committee whose activities involve finance shall submit an annual statement to the Treasurer of the DDHA, for incorporation into the Treasurer’s statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.

5.8.1   The Secretary shall keep, in a permanent form, a record of all Executive Committee Meetings.  Copies of these minutes shall be made available to the Committee members themselves, and to those members who request them.  Further, a reference set, signed as a true record by the Chair, shall be kept as a DDHA archive.


  1. Meetings

6.1       General Meetings and the Executive Committee meetings shall be held at least once per quarter unless more frequent meetings are deemed appropriate at a previous meeting.

6.2       The Annual General Meeting will be held in February to elect or appoint officers, elect the committee and receive the annual report and Treasurer’s accounts.  Nominations for officer posts shall be proposed and seconded by members of the DDHA and should have the consent of the nominee.  Nominations may be made in writing to the secretary before the day of the AGM, or orally at the AGM.

6.3       Extraordinary General Meetings of the DDHA may be convened by the Chair.

6.4       Such meetings may be requested, through the Chair, by not less than six member bodies of the DDHA.

6.5       Not less than fourteen days notice of meetings shall be given by the Secretary to the members of the DDHA.

6.6       The quorum for a General Meeting shall be six members and no business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present.

6.7       A resolution made at a General Meeting shall be by simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.

6.8       The Chair at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the DDHA may allow an application for an emergency motion.  Any such application granted by the Chair shall be proposed and seconded.

6.9       A motion for resolution to be voted on at any General Meeting shall be proposed by a Representative, and seconded by a Representative of another member body.

6.10    One of the Representatives (as applicable) of each member body, shall be entitled to vote on its behalf, at a General Meeting.

6.11    When any ballot on a motion is tied, the Chair at that General Meeting shall exercise a casting vote.  Otherwise, the Chair shall not be permitted to vote at a General Meeting.

6.12    It shall be allowable for the Chair, at any Meeting, to admit without prior notice being given by any member body, a motion for resolution at that Meeting.

6.13    Subject to the provisions listed hereinafter, the Chair at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Association, may allow an application for an emergency motion. Any such application granted by the Chair shall be:

6.13.1             Proposed and seconded in accordance with section 6.8

6.13.2             Lost unless carried by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.

6.14    Observers shall be invited, by the agreement of the Executive Committee, to have a non-voting (observer) status at General Meetings.  Such an observer shall be either a person, or a representative of a non-member organization.


  1. Finance

7.1       Income may be in the form of grants from Government or other public and private bodies, subscriptions, donations, legacies, proceeds from activities or other lawful sources.

7.2       All monies received shall be devoted to all or any objectives of the DDHA.

7.3       The Treasurer shall maintain records which are sufficient to show the financial position of the DDHA and which shall, in particular, contain

7.3.1   Entries showing all money received and expended, with a sufficient explanation of the circumstances of receipt and expenditure.

7.3.2   A record of the assets and liabilities of the DDHA.

7.4       One or more bank accounts shall be opened in the name of the DDHA, and transactions in relation thereto, shall be signed by two officers.

7.5       The Executive Committee shall be empowered to appoint an independent auditor.

7.6       The financial year shall end on the 31st December of each year.

7.7       At the end of each financial year accounts shall be prepared, audited and submitted to the members of the DDHA at the AGM.

7.8       An annual subscription shall be levied on members, the amount involved to be periodically reviewed by the Executive Committee.  Any changes recommended shall be presented in the form of a resolution for approval at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.  The annual subscription shall become due on 1st January.  Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed in the event of non-payment of the subscription by the Annual General Meeting in the same year.


  1. Alterations and additions to the constitution

8.1       This constitution may not be altered without a resolution properly proposed, seconded, and approved by the vote of a General Meeting of the DDHA.

8.2       A resolution for alteration of the constitution must be received by the secretary in writing not less than 21 days before the General Meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward.

8.3       Not less than fourteen days notice of such General Meetings must be given by the Secretary to the Member Bodies of the DDHA, and must include notice of the alterations proposed.


  1. Dissolution

9.1       If the Executive Committee at any time shall decide by a two thirds majority of those present and voting, that it is expedient or desirable that the DDHA should be dissolved, the committee shall convene a Special General Meeting of the DDHA of which not less than 21 days notice in writing shall be given to each member body specifying the terms of any resolution to be proposed thereat.

9.2       If at such a Special General Meeting it is decided by those present and voting that the DDHA shall be dissolved, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to one or more member bodies of the DDHA, as appropriate.  It shall be employed for the pursuit of the conservation, and/or study of the objectives of the DDHA.  It shall not be transferred to any individual person or persons.

9.3       Such recipient shall be decided by a simple majority of a vote at the said Special General Meeting.